The Advanced School of Locksmithing was established in August 2001 and has been training professional locksmiths both locally and abroad since then.  The School forms part of the Safety and Security SETA and has played an imperative role in the training of members of the National Intelligence, South African Police Force, South African Correctional Services and the Army, but to name a few. Members of the security industry comes from all over the world to receive quality training in this specific field.

At the Advanced School of Locksmithing, we pride ourselves in providing our students, both school leavers and adult learners with a qualification that will equip you to apply as a Junior Locksmith or to start your own business.

Our facilitators are skilled Locksmiths and well established within the Locksmith Industry, with over 30 years’ experience.

We are the first Locksmith School in South Africa to offer a full time course over 9 weeks. This course provides our students with a Locksmith accreditation NQF level 3.

The Advanced School of Locksmithing is the first locksmith school to be registered with PSIRA and is accredited with SASSETA and have been providing training to Locksmiths for over 17 years.

We keep our classes to a maximum of 10 students, ensuring a more personalised and ‘hands on’ approach. This enables all students to receive individual attention.

Students Professionally Trained

The Advanced School of Locksmithing was established in August 2001 and has been training professional locksmiths both locally and abroad since then.


To provide locksmiths with a cost effective, quality and formal education in the locksmith trade.

To train new entrants into the locksmith industry by providing them with basic and advanced training and encouraging them to continue to improve their standards by striving for greater education in their chosen field.

To ensure that training and expertise in the locksmith industry is made available to all who wish to participate but particularly to members of previously disadvantaged communities.

To nurture and promote an active, dynamic and regenerative locksmith industry.

To promote cooperation between locksmiths.

To encourage, promote and inculcate in all students a culture of honesty and ethical conduct in their dealings with fellow locksmiths, customers and the general public.

School of Advanced Locksmithing

The School of Advanced Locksmithing is accredited by SASSETA: 

SASSETA was formed as a result of the *POSLEC and *DIDTETA merging to develop an integrated education and training authority for the safety and security sector.

On 1 April 2011 the Department of HET re-certified SASSETA for the next 5 years. SASSETA promotes a culture of ongoing learning, which facilitates opportunities of skills transfer and development for all South Africans in the safety and security sector seeking recognised industry qualifications.

*POSLEC means the Police, Private Security, Legal, Correctional Service and Justice sector education and training authority.*

*DIDTETA means the Diplomacy, Intelligence, Defence & Trade education and training authority.*

The School of Advanced Locksmithing is the first school ever to be registered with PSIRA which is a legal requirement for all practicing locksmiths in South Africa.  The primary objectives of the Authority are to regulate the private security industry and to exercise effective control over the practice of the occupation of a security service provider in the public and national interest and in the interest of the private security industry itself.

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